Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, which implies, in particular, the use of special vehicles – a complex engineering process. When it comes to the delivery of oversized cargo, it must be born in mind that it will not be possible to simply “load and transport” them, both for security reasons and for the reason that special permits will be required for transportation.

Delivery of oversized and heavy cargoes with our company is:

– coordination of all permits;

– selection and provision of suitable transport for transportation;

– accompanying the cargo from the point of loading to the point of delivery;

– coordination and provision of specialized rolling stock;

– departure of a specialist to measure and determine the extent of oversize cargo;

– full information support of the client in the process of transportation;

  • verified Individual approach to each client;
  • verified Always in touch 24/7;
  • verified Selection of the optimal delivery option according to the wishes of our customers;
  • verified Cargo safety and prompt delivery;
  • verified Fulfillment of all contractual obligations;
  • verified Accuracy in everything.